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What are the prices?

Preregistration – member Cycling Vlaanderen/VWB: €8 Preregistration – non-member Cycling Vlaanderen/VWB: €10

Preregistration is possible until Friday evening 23H59 for the cycling race concerned.

Onsite registration – member Cycling Vlaanderen/VWB: €10 Onsite registration – non-member Cycling Vlaanderen/VWB: €12

Is there a minimum age requirement in order to take part?

Everyone can take part in the Proximus Cycling Challenge. There is no age limit.

What if something goes wrong with my payment?

If you have put in a valid order, but something goes wrong with the payment, you have to wait a while. As a result, you will not be able to put in a new order.
Sufficient time is needed for the system to check the payment. This takes about three hours.

If you continue to have problems, you can send an email to

How many people can I entry per email address?

Only one person can be registered per email address.

If you want to register multiple people (group registration), send an email to

What should I bring with me to the registrations?

If you have registered on our website beforehand:
- The E-ticket that you received in your mailbox right after subscribing. You can show the printed version of this ticket or the version on your smartphone to our contributors.

If you want to register on site:
- Your WBV or VWB Membership Card

On site you can pay by cash or through the Payconic app. It is NOT possible to pay with Bancontact.

What happens in the event of an accident?

Your insurance premium is included in your registration fee.

If you are a member of Wielerbond Vlaanderen, please consult their website (

If you are a member of Vlaamse Wielrijdersbond, please consult their website: (

Even if you are not a member of Wielerbond Vlaanderen or Vlaamse Wielrijdersbond, you are still insured. To benefit from this insurance, you must fill in a day form when registering on site.

Please enter your details legibly and in full. If the information is incomplete or inaccurate, you will not qualify for the WBV or VWB “sports accident” insurance or any other type of insurance.

For info: It is compulsory to wear a helmet!

What do I do when I have mechanical problems?
Until when can I register?

Registration in advance for the cycling race concerned at a more inexpensive rate is possible until 23H59 on Friday. With our new and simplified registration system, we hope to be of an even better service to our participants. We would therefore also like to encourage pre-registration immensely. As a result, we are giving a nice discount to all participants who register in advance. Online registration will also still be possible afterwards, but at the daily rate of € 10 or € 12 Euros.

Registration on the day itself will also be possible, but for that you will pay a small additional fee. If you are a member of Cycling Vlaanderen or VWB, then you just go to the registration counters of Cycling Vlaanderen/VWB on the day itself. If you are not a member, you can register easily on the spot on one of our brand new iPads. You must fill out all the information on the digital registration form. These are necessary for your insurance during our races. After you have entered all the information, you can sign up at the ‘day registration’ counter.

How does the Printsta hashtagprinter work?
Can I rent a bike at the event?
Can I then still get onto the starting site afterwards?

Not only the pleasure of cycling is focused on at the Proximus Cycling Challenge, but also the experience is very important. It is also important to strengthen the inner man after a race that is full of physical exertion. That is why we provide the necessary drinking and eating possibilities at the starting site after the race. We provide a nice atmosphere and ambiance; we have the Proximus Bike Wash at ten of the fifteen races and we provide a nice memory with the Printsta Hashtag printer.

The following are foreseen at the arrival:

  • Drinking and eating possibilities
  • Changing and shower possibilities
  • Printsta Hashtag printer at all of our races
  • Proximus Bike Wash
Can I download the gpx files in advance?